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  • The Class of Pain Patients we seek to represent must be certified by a Court. If you fall within any of these groups we have identified above, we are very interested in you and your experiences. We would ask that you share your experience below. If you would like to remain anonymous, please check the box to indicate this. We are asking for your name and contact information so that we may communicate with you. Unless you indicate your wish for your identifying information to be kept confidential, completion of this form is consent to us to utilize the information in connection with the national class actions. Please be aware that providing this information: • Does not obligate you for any cost or expense; • Does not create or obligate either party (you or us) to an attorney-client relationship; and • The information may be used in connection with the Class Action Lawsuits or possibly efforts for legislative remedies. • Any information which may be used to identify you will not be disclosed without your permission. Also, given the number of pain patients suffering from this and related problems, we will likely be unable to respond personally to all emails or to the information provided. Nonetheless, we do appreciate all assistance and look forward to making the lives of pain patients more comfortable and less stressful.
  • There are many on-line communities of chronic pain patients providing information and support to chronic pain patients. These groups on the internet, such as Don’t Punish Pain, have posted information about our lawsuits on their websites, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. This content is not affiliated with the lawsuits or our effort on behalf of chronic pain patients. The involved law firms and lawyers handling the National Class Action Lawsuits have made no request to any other group, online group, or individuals to raise money to support or fund this case. Please understand no organization except the affiliated lawyers and law firms handling these National Class Action Lawsuits are authorized to speak for us or make any financial or informational request on our behalf. In other words, please be advised that all other individuals or groups are: • NOT authorized to speak on behalf of us or the named plaintiffs in the lawsuits, • NOT involved in the handling or prosecuting of the lawsuits, and • NOT authorized to raise money to cover expenses associated with the lawsuits. IMPORTANTLY – PARTICIPATING IN ANY ONLINE GROUP DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO JOIN THE LAWSUIT. “JOINING THESE LAWSUITS” HAPPENS BY OPERATION OF LAW ONCE THE CLASS IS CERTIFIED PROVIDED YOU MEET THE APPROVED CLASS DEFINITION. YOU CAN READ THE PROPOSED CLASS DEFINITION IN THE COMPLAINTS POSTED ON THIS SITE.
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