Chronic pain patients have been denied their vital pain medications. We are pleased to announce the filing of two National Class Action Lawsuits, the intent of which is to right that wrong.  There are a large number of people who need pain medications because they suffer from chronic pain.  We have very carefully assessed the problem and believe an appropriate response is to assert the claim that chronic pain patients have been discriminated against in violation of federal law.  We have filed against the largest national pharmacy giants, CVS, Walgreens and Costco.

These suits are filed on behalf of individuals who were unable to have or who have experienced difficulty in having their legitimate prescriptions for opioid medication filled to relieve their suffering from:

*chronic pain;

*pain associated with a cancer diagnosis;

*pain from sickle cell disease;

*palliative or nursing home care;

*pain from nerve injuries;

*pain from osteoarthritic changes.


If I want to participate in the class action lawsuits, what do I do?


You do not need to call anyone.  If you want to participate and you fit within the class definition you will be automatically included.  If you do not want to participate, you will be given the opportunity to opt out.

About Us

We are attorneys who have been asked to consider representing and bringing legal action on behalf of patients nationwide suffering from chronic pain lasting 3 or more months, or suffering from:

  • associated with a cancer diagnosis;
  • pain from sickle cell disease;
  • palliative or nursing home care;
  • pain from nerve injuries;
  • pain from osteoarthritic changes;
  • chronic intractable pain

and who are experiencing difficulties in getting pharmacies to fill their legitimate prescriptions for opiate medication as written by their treating medical provider. If you are interested in being a part of any such legal action or just want to share your story with us, please provide the information requested below.

Robert Redfearn, Jr.

Licensed to practice in: Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi.
Address: 1100 Poydras St. New Orleans, La. 70163